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What can be expected from Rushdeen Mc Donald, Javere Bell, Edinho Steel and Peter Mathews?

At 6:10 pm on Sunday July 3 T&F fans will know the answer to the following question. What can be expected fromRushdeen Mc Donald, Javere Bell,Edinho Steel and Peter Mathews? These were the men who just a year ago in 2015, with a young Javon Francis were the top 400m runners at the National Championships.

This year Rushdeen Mc Donald who set the national record in a blistering heats run of 43.93 last August at the IAAF BejingWorld Championships has struggled to break 46 seconds. The two school boys, Bloomfield and Taylor plus the two collegians, Demish Gaye and Fitzroy Dunkley seem to be the ones most likely to go below the 45 seconds threshold.

Bloomfield chose to run the 200m a week ago at the Junior Championships but stated that he would be contesting the men’s 400m at the National Championships.Christopher Taylor always seems ready to deliver a 45.27 performance. T&F fans will be keen to see if pushed how much lower he can go.
Demish Gaye has improved leaps and bounds beyond where he was at this time last year. He is finishing the 400m with a sprint which is refreshing to see from a Jamaican athlete. Dunkley who was a jumper until two years ago recorded 45.06 to take second at the US NCAAmeet on June 12, 2016 representing LSU.

Javon Francis as usual will be taking no prisoners and can be expected to deliver a sub 45 seconds performance. So again the question is, what can be expected from Rushdeen Mc Donald, Javere Bell, Edinho Steel and Peter Mathews?

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